Our company is an informal and fluid grouping, which ranges from undergraduate students to emeritus professors. Anyone can join us for a single session or series of sessions. New participants are always welcome.

Our list of players, past and present, online and in-person, includes:

Aisha Habib Ahmad
Liberty Anstead
Lucy Arnold
Catherine Batt
Emily Bell
Georgina Bennett
Storm Blackledge
Matthew Blaiden
Thea Buckley
Sam Burton
Martin Butler
Deborah Carr-Al Kamaaty
Lucy Cheseldine
Ruth Cooper
Sacha Crowther
Jeremy Davies
Fiona Douglas
Charles Eager
Rowena English
David Fairer
John Gallagher
Callie Gardner†
Brett Greatley-Hirsch
Fen Greatley-Hirsch
Alaric Hall
Robbie Hand
Sam Hardy
Florence Hazrat
Katherine Heavey
Lucy Holehouse
Nathan Hunt
Kate Huxley Golden
Sam Jermy
Victoria Johnson
Bethany Jones
Erin Julian
Kevin Killeen
John Langdon
Clive Lawrence
David Lindley†
James Loxley
Clare McManus
Richard Meek
Carys Morley
Helen Ostovich
Elif Özgür
Rachel Parkinson
José A. Pérez Díez
Jane Plastow
Lois Potter
Michael Powell-Davies
Laurence Publicover
Emily Raven-Baker
Ed Reiss
Jane Rickard
Charles Roe
Alison Searle
Maria Shmygol
Jeri Smith-Cronin
Adam Strickson
Fletch Williams
Annika Zacharias
Yuan Zeng
Wei Zhou